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Fitness AI
Soula AI: Your Personalized Pregnancy and Parenting Companion Empowering Expectant Mothers with AI-p...
Hi! I'm Soula, the AI assistant for Female Wellbeing. I've been specifically designed for women, tackling their unique challenges on their journey towards success and joy. I am here 24/7 to provide women with emotional and informational support during the most challenging periods of their lives, aiming to prevent anxiety, burnout, and depression through neuroscience techniques and conversational AI.


Let AI Be Your Wingman with DatePlanner Dreading the "what should we do?" conversation before date n...
Use AI to... Plan unique, personalized dates Go on higher quality dates each week without spending hours researching and organizing.
Yesil Health: Your AI-Powered Personalized Health Assistant In today's data-driven world, managing y...
AI Health Assistant for: in Simply ask your health questions and receive evidence-based answers.